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lovelies looking ABC Diet

I need an ana buddy please help!

whiteelectricwind asked:
Would you recommend one meal each day, with all my cals, so that I'm full during at least one part of the day, or several smaller snacks? And what do you suggest I do if a craving attacks?

I would def suggest spacing them out during the day. I always feel the need to eat breakfast in order to last the day (then during the day i think of my breakfast and tell myself i had enough to eat to last without food), so I often take 2/3 of the cals in the morning, and then use the rest during the day when I feel really hungry. For cravings: always take something, don’t start starving yourself cuz that will only make it worse and give you another craving the next day again. Eat veggies and fruit! and never forget that you can go over the limit (and exercising the extras off). Also drink enough water (or tea and coffee) it makes you feel fuller, and keeps you going. AND sleep enough, it has even found that when you do not have enough sleep you crave for sugars more!
x Joan. 

whiteelectricwind asked:
I'm starting the abc diet when I wake up tomorrow morning. I had one last hearty meal. What are your tips for success? I want to go the full 50 days.

Hey guys - Scarlett

Basically, I’m going to leave this blog. It doesn’t seem to be going anywhere and things have actually started working out in my life, by no means am I putting behind any of my dieting but having this blog here is almost like a constant reminder. Remember - you guys can always follow me and talk to me on my personal blog. Good luck and I wish you all the best you beautiful people <3

Anonymous asked:
any suggestions for someone going to a 10 day summer camp (cafeteria food) around week 5/6 of the abc? i'm kind of bad at estimating calories without nutrition labels

been thinking about this for a while now, and it seems no other admins have responded yet.
But i honestly dont know anything better to say than that you’d have to try and eat the salad/fruit stuff (without dressings) and drink water/juices. You might not be able to keep up with the calorie input, but atleast you could try to stay healthy.
youd rather have way to many calories on veggies and stuff than have half a hamburger a day in order to keep up with just the input..

i dunno, i dont want to give you ‘unhealthy’ advices, so yeah, just keep it to the healthy foods, and try getting back on the diet afterwards. 10 days wont be a complete disaster! <3

xx Joan. 

Anonymous asked:
ah thank you very much!

any time love <3 But please, be careful whenever you start a diet (like this), the risks of developing any kind of eating disorder/obsession with weight/cals is high, and we do not promote these.

Anonymous asked:
hi! would you guys mind explaining to me 'water weight'? like on the the abc diet will i only lose water weight? is the weight loss only temporary?

I cant answer the water weight question perfectly, so here’s a website which explains it probably better than i would’ve.

About the relation to the abc diet; you will always loose water weight in a diet, but you can maximize, or minimize this by keeping track of your carb intake (see also the site).

The weightloss in the abc diet is fast, and so, if you finish after the 50 days, you will have lost a lot, and your body will be ‘used’ to the low intakes. To try and stay on the weight you ended up with, you’re gonna have to go REALLY slow (let’s say add 200 cals somehwere every week) to a ‘normal’ intake. This ‘getting back to normal’ might even take longer than the actual diet, and because a lot of people do not succeed in this, they will gain weight very quick.
So the diet doesn’t actually stop after 50 days.

I hope I answered most of the things you wanted to know. xox

Anonymous asked:
can net calories be applied to the abc diet or is it strictly intake?

It’s not the purpose of the diet to eat for example 500 cals on the day that 500 is the given limit, and then go and work out and you end up with 300 cals in the end. You should then have eaten 700 cals, to work off 200 cals. The limit given, is what you end up with at the very end of the day. I hope this explains enough to answer the question? xox

Just drank Diet Coke all day :/ not been in the mood to do anything. Just been feeling numb all day. Probably going to fast tomorrow too.

I promise I will be back on the diet soon lovelies! By Friday I promise :) xxxxxx

- Scarlett.

Abc Diet Day (8)


Im Fasting to make up for the extra 306 i was forced to eat for Dinner Last night (fuck you again dad <3)

Everything will then be balanced. :)

Abc Diet Day (7)

Limit 300

I-606-made to eat dinner, Fuck you dad, gonna fast tomorrow!



ABC Diet Day (6)


I-245…yeah caved a tiny bit.

Going to start weighing myself every Friday, its just to annoying and depressing for a daily routine.

Franky xx ;)

Need to get back on the diet now, down to 7st 12lbs…

Because I fasted on Tuesday because I got some really bad news so I didn’t feel like eating :/ anyway for getting under the 8st limit I re-coloured my hair. Hopefully tomorrow I will be able to pick up where I left off on the diet x

Hope you are all doing well,

Much love - Scarlett xxx

ABC Diet Day (5)

Limit-100 Calories



N- -106

Franky xx ;)

Abc Diet Days 1, 2, 3 & 4.

Day1-27th-limit 500

Day2-28th-limit 500

Day3-29th-limit 300

Day4-30th-limit 400
O-34/To tired

Franky xx ;)

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